Use of hydraulic model – the latest publication of our employees

Use of hydraulic model – the latest publication of our employees

An article published in  scientific journal “Economics and Environment” by our colleagues – Artur Zajkowski, Łukasz Wysocki and Piotr Tuz, written in cooperation with academics from the Białystok University of Technology – PhD DSc Eng. Izabela Bartkowska and PhD Eng. Wojciech Kruszyński.

The subject of the text is the use of the hydraulic model of the network to reduce real water losses and reduce the operating costs of water systems.

One possible and cheap way to reduce leakage is to lower the average pressure in the network. Thanks to new computational technologies, the process of selecting a pressure reduction device is accurate and easy to perform. In the study, a hydraulic model was used to select the required pressure reduction valves and the correct location, accurately and appropriately approximating the resulting reduction in absolute water losses due to this approach.

This solution is particularly beneficial for small water companies supplying water to a small number of consumers who are struggling with an extremely tight budget, which often makes it impossible to carry out any large-scale modernization.


about journal

“Economics and Environment” is the flagship Polish quarterly in the field of environmental economics and natural resources, existing since 1992, published by the Polish Association of Environmental Economists and Natural Resources, in close cooperation with the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE).

about authors

Artur Zajkowski – Network modeling specialist, PhD student at the Białystok University of Technology
Łukasz Wysocki – Head of the Network Modeling Department

Graduates of the Białystok University of Technology in the field of Environmental Engineering. They have many years of experience in hydraulic modeling of networks for water supply companies all over Poland. They also specialize in water and sewage network monitoring, network management concepts and the determination of DMA and PMA zones. They conduct trainings in hydraulic modeling of networks for water companies. Participants of numerous trainings in the field of network modeling and GIS software from various manufacturers. Enthusiasts of modern technologies and innovations in environmental engineering.

PhD Eng. Piotr Tuz – Technical Director

He specializes in water management, metrology of measuring devices, flow and pressure measurement in installations and water and sewage networks. For 15 years he has been conducting research on various types of metrological devices in water supply companies all over Poland. He is an advisor to water utilities and property managers in reducing apparent and real water losses. Speaker at conferences in the field of water balancing and water meter management. Author of numerous scientific publications and studies for water companies. He cooperates with manufacturers in the field of implementing innovations and the concept of new devices, as well as research on metrology of media metering devices.

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