MacR6 N water flow and pressure logger

Flow and pressure recorder with built-in LTE module

  • online access to water flow and pressure monitoring – the ability to balance the water supply network
  • detection of anomalies (unexpected pressure increases / drops, leaks) and notification via e-mail, SMS, eWebtel


AnyQuest EverBlu pulse enhanced

  • used in the event of difficulties with reading via radio, e.g. in a deeply flooded well, connected to the Cyble Sensor module
  • water meters not adapted to the Cyble standard, which are in the company’s resources, can be read by radio using the EverBlu Pulse module – the water meter must have a pulse output
  • in combination with the Cyble Sensor 5-wire impulse module – provides the same functionality as the Cyble AnyQuest Enhanced module

EverBlu Cyble Enhanced

Intelligent and compact radio module for installation on water meters

  • completely compatible with all Itron water meters (from15 to 500 mm) equipped with a Cyble target register
  • convenient meter reading system in difficult installation conditions, from flooded chambers to wells

AnyQuest Cyble Enhanced

Communication module for water meters

  • new generation module that offers a number of unique functionalities as part of a two-way radio data collection system (collector reading system)

Cyble 4IoT

Compact RF Communications Module for Walk-By/Drive-By Reading and On-Demand IoT

  • multi-mode RF communication module with a rich dataset that can be configured and collected using Itron’s Temetra cloud platform
  • clip-on mounting does not require any wiring or wall mounting on Itron mechanical water meters (DN15 – DN500)

Cyble Wireless M-Bus

Wireless communication module

  • cyble technology for transmission of remote readings with a protocol compliant with EN-13757-4
  • completely compatible with all Itron water meters equipped with Cyble target



Cyble sensor

Pulse module

  • electronic impulse module (2- and 5-wire)
  • provides data on water consumption in the form of pulses
  • signal transmission is protected against strong magnetic fields, including neodymium magnets
  • the possibility of selecting a module that ensures the appropriate weight of impulses

EquaScan wMIU RF

Water meter radio module for automated data collection of water meters Aquadis+PE i Unimag+PE

  • component of the Itron EquaScan System
  •  enables data to be collected quickly and securely from water consumers in a mobile and central way

PEm M-Bus module

Module for Unimag PE and Aquadis PE water meters


Module for Unimag + PE and Aquadis + PE water meters