What is a model of water supply system?

The creation of the model is mapping the work of the water supply network using a computer application in a layout as close as possible to real conditions.


After entering data, an application makes calculations and presents crucial variables e.g. flow and pressure. The model gives possibility to analyse parameters within, for example a day or a week, and to make visualisation in a form of maps, tables, charts or many ready reports.


Thanks to a computer model we are able to prepare simulations, analyses of working systems, to test or compare different ways – it lets make right optimal decisions connected with exploitation and future investments.

The model includes:

  • Simulations of waterworks network at the stage of conception – creating a system, attaching new receivers – for example industrial companies, blocks of flats, implementing new devices – pressure or flow regulators
  • Marking DMA and PMA zones
  • Simulations connected with failures or changes and their results – for example opening and closing pipes and conduits, changing settings on pressure regulators, water treatment plants’ breakdown
  • Analysis of a system during working and taking water to a fire extinguishing system
  • Programming frequency and extend of rinse of a network
  • Spotting places where unusual actions can happen – for example leakages, locked up walves

Our experience

  • We build and implement hydraulic models in water supply companies around Poland
  • We have experience at working with different software – e.g. with opensource ones– Epanet, QGIS, where we implement innovations and plugs, and also with commercial software under care of Polish and foreign specialists (STANET/ Fischer Uhrig Engineering, Mike/ DHI Polska, WaterGEMS i SewerGEMS/ Bentley).

Extra service

  • Monitoring systems using pressure and flow recorders to calibrate prepared models
  • Preparing conceptions and functional programs concerning monitoring, managing water supply systems and reducing water loss
  • Trainings, tuitions, workshops in the field of modelling for water supply and sewage companies or for professional institutions and technical universities