• Verification of a size and a type of water meters
  • Choice of a reading system by the use of radio/GSM/GPRS
  • Monitoring of final receivers
  • A conception – making zones of DMA and PMA
  • Creating a hydraulic model
  • Implementation of GIS
  • Monitoring of a system
  • Pressure control and regulation
  • Spotting leakage within zones
Verification of a size and a type of water meters

Analysis of a present state, preparing documents (technical guidelines to choose water meters for chosen groups of receivers, description of methodology to choose a type and a size of water meters, calculating apparent loss of water, stocktaking and assessment of a place of purchase and own water production ) elimination of unauthorized consumption of water.

The choice of a reading SYSTEM by the use of RADIO/GSM/GPRS

or getting data from a present system to feed the data base in a hydraulic model.

Monitoring of final receivers

based on water balance and a system of automatic meter reading which belongs to a client

A conception – making zones of DMA and PMA

PMA – according to assumed balance of water production and its purchase, DMA – verification of present zones

Creating a hydraulic model

or updating a present model based on data from monitoring and billing

Implementation of GIS

Collecting data thanks to QGIS software or another professional one – dedicated to make integration with hydraulic model easier

Monitoring of a system

or its development based on a created or updated hydraulic model

Pressure control and regulation

a conception of automatic pressure regulation in water supply system in PMA zones

Spotting leakages within zones

Analysing data within DMA and PMA zones leading to limit real loss based on data and observing water flow at night, pressure, and a level of noise

The choice of aspects from the list above are adjusted to clients’ needs

What mistakes can be made during a process of optimization done by the water supply company itself?

Many companies use more and more advanced techniques of measuring water, monitoring, systems, scientific methods etc. It is very often intuitive, interim, not taking connections between working zones in a water and sewage authority under consideration. It influences lower effectiveness, unnecessary duplication of work, a lack of compatibility among departments.

We offer an approach which is adjusted to every individual client based on our experience and cooperation with water and sewage authorities in Poland.

Entrusting this process to us you can get:

  • huge access to experience which we willingly share with
  • access to an individual engineering analytic approach which is oriented to solve problems but not only maximizing our profit
  • we assign a specialist from our team who is proper to identify needs
  • an experienced team to implement a solution