This year’s webinar for our Clients prepared with Itron in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce “Polish Waterworks” was held under the slogan HYBRID EVOLUTION – from mobile to stationary reading.

Why “hybrid”?

Because the latest Cyble 5 module by Itron, presented at the meeting, is adapted to both mobile and stationary reading. Willing to use both forms, the Temetra system recognizes the technology it is dealing with and automatically switches between reading devices with different frequencies.

Why “evolution”?

Because the presented solution is good for enterprises that do not want to revolutionize the reading system, but introduce changes slowly moving from mobile to stationary and gradually building a stationary reading infrastructure.
Because the Cyble 5 module itself has evolved technologically to meet the requirements of enterprises at the stage of change.

The webinar speakers were Jerzy Rogowski – Implementation Director at WES Sp. z o.o. and Andrzej Musiał – Sales Manager at Itron Polska.

As always, Jerzy Rogowski cited many examples close to the participants from his many years of work with water companies. He objectively juxtaposed the strengths and weaknesses of the mobile and stationary systems. His analysis of the real costs of mobile reading met with great interest, which showed financial data that, apparently, enterprises are not aware of. He also presented a number of benefits of using the Cyble 5 module and the Temetra system.

Andrzej Musiał, referring to the current topic of fighting water losses in water companies, drew attention to the need to collect accurate data from good quality water meters through overlays that do not distort the readout data. As he emphasized, this is the basis for all analyzes and then decisions made in the water and sewage company. He also presented the advantages of cloud software, the technical aspects of using the system and examples of Temetra implementations in Poland and around the world (such as in London, shown in the photo below).

On behalf of all the organizers, we would like to thank you for your active participation in the event and positive feedback.


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