Completion of the investment in Przemyśl waterworks

Completion of the investment in Przemyśl waterworks

We finished the investment as a subcontractor under the project “Integrated System of Network Asset Management” for Przemyśl Waterworks.

We were responsible for the delivery, assembly and commissioning of the zone metering of the Przemyśl agglomeration water supply network.

Our tasks included:

– preparation of technical documentation for the monitoring of the water supply network

– delivery and assembly of measuring devices on the water and sewage network, network fittings and telemetry devices along with the necessary construction works for 51 measuring points.

At individual stages, the measuring and telemetry devices installed by us were integrated with the GIS and SCADA systems implemented as part of the project.

On the way to completing the investment, we encountered a number of challenges, such as restrictions related to the Covid epidemic, difficult weather conditions during particularly harsh winter and hot summer.

Thanks to the implemented solutions, the client – PWiK in Przemyśl will be able to divide its network into zones and apply zone balancing. He will also be able to monitor the network on an ongoing basis and quickly detect failures in the water supply network, which will result with a  significant reduction in water losses in his company.

Responsible for the implementation of the project on behalf of WES were: Jerzy Rogowski, Łukasz Wysocki, Artur Zajkowski, Krzysztof Sawicki, Maciej Zakrzewski, Mateusz Andraka.

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