Intelligent remote monitoring system by Plum – limited offer

Intelligent remote monitoring system by Plum – limited offer

In cooperation with our partner – Plum Sp. z o.o., we present an offer of implementation of intelligent remote monitoring system for water and sewage networks. This comprehensive solution contains key elements that allow you to monitor the condition of the water supply and sewage infrastructure almost in real time.

system elements


  • MacR6 N     

Flow and pressure recorder with built-in 5G / 4G / 2G module: Cat. M1 / NB IoT It is adapted to the requirements of the real-time system, ie. it enables the immediate sending of an incident report.

  • eWEBtel

Measurement data acquisition system. Direct access and data management from anywhere via a web browser. Visualization of incidents related to the geolocation of devices on the map. Advanced reports. Alerts by email messages.

  • data transmission service

for a period of 60 months. The frequency of data updates to the system – any selected hours from the day, registration of max. 1 minute.


one price Ι no contracts Ι no subscription Ι no additional payments  Ι  5 years of transmission

application benefits


  • Reduction of water loss – real-time water balancing, optimization of pressure management, measurement of flow and pressure in DMA zones, detection of damage to measuring systems and abuse;
  • Improving the company’s financial liquidity – the most current values ​​of the key objects on the basis of which the payment obligation is instantly issued;
  • Increasing efficiency – immediate assistance in resolving disputes with customers, remote reading of water meters located in difficult locations such as flooded water meter wells, hospitals, prisons, etc .;
  • Positive, modern image of the company among the recipients of the water supply network and in the water and sewage industry – through the development and use of the latest technology dedicated to the Smart City IoT trend;
  • Counteracting faults and their effects – registration of flow, status and remote reading of wastewater flow meters, cooperation with the current meter of pumping station systems;
WES Sp. z o.o. is a distributor of Plum devices and systems. We offer comprehensive implementation and service of the remote monitoring system.


Ask for an offer from our specialist:
Sebastian Gidaszewski – Regional Sales Manager, mobile +48  517 174 059,

The offer includes a complete network monitoring solution: MacR6 N IP 68 recorder equipped with an inductive sensor enabling direct cooperation with a water meter, one connector for attaching a bidirectional flow meter or pressure sensor, built-in communication module working in 5G / 4G / 2G NB-IoT / Cat.M1 technology ; access to the eWEBtel platform along with the data transmission service in the telecommunications network ensuring operation for a period of 60 months. Batteries typically 60 months. Warranty 24 months. Made in Poland.

Limited offer valid until 31.03.2021


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