We are proud to announce that our company took the first place in the “Learning Organization 2021” competition in the Micro and Small Enterprises category organized by the Provincial Labor Office in Białystok in cooperation with the Białystok University of Technology.

For several years, the aim of the competition has been to promote employers from the Podlaskie Voivodeship, who invest in the development of employees’ competences, are oriented at knowledge management and stand out, among others, flexible organizational structure, personnel strategy, organizational culture stimulating pro-development behavior, implement investments aimed at increasing the effectiveness of their organization, while stimulating the learning of employees and business partners.

On behalf of the entire team, the award was received by the President of the Company – Adam Chmielewski.

Why do we consider WES as a learning organization and joined the competition? We’ll say it straight:

  • we want to be better and better at what we do – to give quality to the world, customers, partners and each other,
  • we learn all the time – we operate in the industry of modern technologies, here constant development is necessary,
  • we learn in various ways – most during work, during the implementation of new projects and new challenges, as well as during training, workshops, courses, postgraduate studies, doctoral studies, exams,
  • we learn from each other – we share knowledge, support experience and advice,
  • we teach our Clients and Partners – we provide advice at every stage of cooperation, organize teleconferences, webinars, publish articles,
  • we listen to our needs and ideas for development – we check how they fit the company’s goals, whether, how and when they are feasible,
  • we help to find the right forms of development – tailored to the preferences, capabilities and goals of team members,
  • we help to reconcile professional development with private life – through flexible working hours, additional days off for study and exams,
  • we are constantly looking for additional sources of financing for development goals (we use the national and labor office funds, we attend projects financed from EU funds, free technical webinars),
  • we collect valuable knowledge – articles, presentations, recordings in our knowledge base,
  • we react quickly to changes – we have a changing work environment and industries, changes are something constant for us,
  • we organize and improve our processes and projects – we get rid of what does not work, we look for new, more efficient solutions,
  • we look for and test new solutions, tools, applications, programs that can make our work easier,
  • we listen to ourselves – both in moments of success and difficulties, we have whom to talk to and to whom to turn to,
  • we check our “pulse” – we learn to insight into our job satisfaction and commitment, and to respond to feedback,
  • we draw conclusions from our experiences, especially from the difficult ones,
  • we see a lot of learning and development work ahead of us – and we are not discouraged by it,
  • by implementing our development goals, we pursue the business goals of WES. 

These are obvious things that are simply commonplace for many companies. Companies that, like us, are learning organizations. The award gave us another confirmation that what we do and mentioned above is worthwhile, good and necessary.

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