Meet our experience

Meet our experience

WE ARE THE TEAM WHO IN MANY WAYS HAVE BEEN COOPERATING FOR YEARS. Now we are starting together another new adventure under the new brand. The adventure which is like climbing a steep mountain – but with the most unforgettable views on the top…

What have we reached on the way?

The experience of our partners and employees:
  • The number of the clients who we cooperate with has exceeded 2 000

    They are water supply and sewage system companies, power companies, property managers, installing companies

Supplied products in water branch:
  • Water meters

    over 120000

  • Flow meters

    ponad 300

  • Pressure regulators

    over 50

  • Heat meters

    over 1000

Supplied products and services in energy branch:
  • Energy audits

    over 30

  • Several dozen of pv installations

  • Projects and realization of several dozen 1,2 MW pumps in blocks of flats

  • Projects of solar power stations

    over 50MW

  • Projects of electrical systems

    over 50km

  • Projects of power stations

    over 100

Implemented systems:
  • Wireless water meter reading systems

    over 100 000 modules, over 30 implemented systems at our clients’

  • GSM/GPRS systems to monitor water supply and sewerage systems

    over 4 000 modules and recorders

  • Water supply and sewage management systems

    over 15 hydraulic water and sewage models made

We are ready to reach new tops – to take new challenges and broaden our experience with new fields. We would like to invite you to climb with us!

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